Why Web Design Might Die Out In The Future


The profession of a web designer is a complicated one since he has to have his style and know what the customer wants at the same time. Furthermore, it’s a job that in recent years has seen lots of its content getting streamlined by apps and websites that offer a faster experience with almost the same quality as when going to the web designer.


The issue is not just on one particular thing, but in fact, has several reasons why it’s going to die out as a profession or at least will be downsized by 80%. Let’s get you acquainted with some of those reasons.

– Templates make designers obsolete

officeThe function of a web designer is to build from the ground up a website that offers an experience to the user that you as a customer explained to the designer. The biggest problem is that the user has more or less the same experience with the content whether it was made from scratch or from the template. The thing is the template is so much easier to do, and it does not require you to spend tons of hours to build it from the ground up.
In just minutes you can be done with over 50-80% of your site layout by using a particular template. After that, all you need to do is add the content, and the site is done. The best part is it is also done by professionals, so it looks awesome.

– Artificial intelligence and automation

The fact of the matter is that A.I. is coming and we can’t stop its progression. All the fields in the workforce have been affected, and web designing is just another one that will be fully automated and performed by the A.I. In fact, there are already sites that offer this service. As long as you give them your content to get analyzed the A.I. decides which is the best color and style for it.

– Mobile apps are killing design

Another killer of the web design is the apps that simplify every experience on the web for the user. Try to remember the last time when you used your phone that you typed in a site in the address bar.


We would wager that for every site you check on a daily basis you use an app to get there, and that app streamlines the experience for the mobile user making it unnecessary for many designers to focus on awesome looking websites when they have to be done in a different method for the mobile user.


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