Things You Should Know Before You Hire An SEO Company

SEO is in short an acronym of the word Search Engine Optimization, and it’s responsible for putting sites on the top of the search page in many search engines that people use today. The biggest two are Google and Bing, and they both have different ways their algorithm analyzes your site’s algorithm.


To be more specific if you don’t know what all this means you need to hire an SEO team that will make your site more appealing to the Google and Bing search patterns. There is just one catch; this can make or break your reputation as a site so make sure you are aware of both the positive and negative sides of getting your site fixed with an SEO.


First, you have to understand how this all works. The sites that get promoted to the top of the search results when searching in Google and Bing have been optimized to better fit into the algorithm that they use for search results. The trick is those are not the only ways your sites can be promoted; they can be advertised on other sited and sometimes that is a good thing, but more than not it’s one of the tricks that many SEO companies use to harm your reputation on both Google and Bing.

Some SEO red flags

– Do they promise free for all links
If they do don’t hire them. This is how they try and scam you into many modern free search engine schemes. They are typically useless for your site but will boost other sites that they wish to piggyback off your own.
– They own shadow domains
– If they advertise your site on the sites of their other clients
– You are guaranteed top ranking but get offered long keyword phrases
– If their Domain is not listed in Google (means they were removed before for scamming)


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