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Russian group classes will be available soon

Thanks for your interest, group classes aren’t available yet. Please check back soon! In the meantime, try private Russian classes.

Why our students love our classes

Our students' success speaks for itself. Here’s what they’ve had to say about their experience learning Russian.


I have tried a few different kinds of methods to learn the Russian language, i.e language school, podcasts, apps etc. I have now be learning Russian with Alina for 1 month. In the last month my understanding of Russian has accelerated beyond my expectations due to her excellent teaching methods.


I’m very happy that I found such a good teacher on Preply. Lessons with Irina are always very helpful and in a nice and sympathetic atmosphere. Irina is always well prepared and punctual teacher. I have been enjoying learning Russian with Irina from the first lesson.


A very knowledgeable teacher that makes the lessons very enjoyable. Each lesson not only I improve my Russian quite a bit but also learn about the culture as well. Every hour passes like 5mins. Highly recommended!


Anton is a great teacher. It's never boring to learn from him and he always finds interesting topics to study. I had different teachers before, it was ok but not great. But now I really feel I am improving my Russian. спасибо Антон!


I always enjoy my lessons with Elena. The lessons provided are not only professional but also indeed interesting. During my 10 more lessons, I've already see my advancement in Russian language! Very looking forward to the lessons later:D


Andrey is the best Russian tutor I have ever had. He is extremely organized and precise in teaching, and always makes sure that you fully understand and practice specific concepts. He only speaks Russian to me, although he is fluent in German and English. He always corrects my mistakes and makes sure we fix them with giving me more examples.

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Frequently asked questions

    Where can I take Russian classes online?

    Online Russian classes are available in different language learning platforms. Each platform offers a series of different services for learners with different goals. While some Russian learners are only looking to learn a few vocab words, others might be more committed to speaking Russian fluently. In this case, there are language learning platforms with online 1-on-1 tutoring that can help focus on increasing language confidence. Preply is an example of a website where you can choose a personal tutor, take lessons online and progress with your Russian. Taking tailored lessons with a native tutor really allows the learner to focus on their specific goals, improve their conversation and receive instant feedback.

    How much do Russian classes cost?

    Russian classes vary a lot in price depending on the language platform, the type of class and the tutor. Language learning platforms with a lot of different tutors are very affordable, as you can easily find a tutor that is within your ideal price-range and covers the lesson materials you need to reach your specific goals. So, while there is no set price for Russian classes, the average cost per lesson is usually around $15 per hour. Different tutors set different prices depending on factors such as their years of teaching experience, other languages that they speak or their certifications in Russian language. The perfect way to find a tutor that is both, affordable and offers the type of lesson you’re looking for, is to use the filter option in platforms like Preply. Here, you can set your preferences and ensure that you’re enjoying the experience of learning Russian at your ideal price.

    What is the best online Russian course?

    Choosing the best Russian course for you comes down to what your goals are and what you’re looking for in a tutor. With so many different language platforms and tutors to learn with, your experience can vary a lot. Therefore, your goals and commitment to learning Russian will really determine which one is the best course for you. Language learning websites like Preply, for example, offer trial lessons so that you can get a first-hand experience of how their teaching method works and choose your ideal tutor. This way, you can filter the list to show tutors with your specific preferences, compare between the different tutors, view their introductory videos and decide for yourself which one will be the best for you.

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