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Most Popular Games Of 2017

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PC gaming is making a comeback in the mainstream gaming scene, and it’s doing it with a big bang in 2017. Most of the popular games get a cross-platform release. But some are exclusive to the PC master race. Let’s get down to naming a few of these games that we hope you will find to your taste.

For Honor

For Honor is an action hack and slash game that comes from the Canadian company Ubisoft Montreal. You can choose from 4 different classes and three distinct factions.


It’s a fun game that has lots of emphasis on multiplayer and most of the action packed fun will be in that mode. There is, of course, a single player story mode but it’s not as epic as some other games.

Resident Evil 7

The newest game in this long franchise is finally moving away from the action style gameplay. You play as Ethan Winters, and you are looking for your missing wife in the swamps of Louisiana. There is enough combat in this game to satisfy everyone that loves that. But the game is mostly made in the spirit of its horror old school style. This game is pure awesomeness, and we recommend it to anyone that loves to get their adrenaline pumping when they play a game.

Ghost Recon wild lands

This is an open world tactical shooter. Ubisoft has made its first steps in the ghost recon franchise as this is the first game that has been made in the open world setting.

Ghost Recon wild lands

You can play it solo, or with your friends and its full of side missions. So you will have lots of content to consume before you get bored of the game. The graphics in this game are excellent. And the colors are very vibrant making it a pleasant experience even if played for lots of hours.

Mount and blade 2 Banelord

The prequel from the first series is getting a new graphic upgrade and more and bloodier battles. The fights have been coordinated with the motion capture technology so every fight should feel like it was done by real people. The type of attacks will depend on the actual time swings. And many new upgrades wait for the players who decide to check it out.

Crusader 2 Stronghold

This excellent turn base genre game makes a comeback in the spotlight as it rises to the most popular turn-based game in 2017. The graphics are upgraded, and the soundtracks are awesome as always.


For anyone that loves playing strategy games, this is a must pick. We won’t spoil the new mechanics in this game, but let’s just say that they finally upgraded the way fights are done, and they did it right.

Halo Wars 2

Halo Wars is back in the spotlight, but not much has been changed from the former recipe of successful games the Halo franchise has made. This new game has 13 single player missions and a multiplayer mode. It takes place after halo wars and halo 5 and introduces two new factions that are against each other. A solid pick for any RTS gamer.


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