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Japanese group classes will be available soon

Thanks for your interest, group classes aren’t available yet. Please check back soon! In the meantime, try private Japanese classes.

Why our students love our classes

Our students' success speaks for itself. Here’s what they’ve had to say about their experience learning Japanese.


Mai is very nice! She takes time to teach and she will ask you what you want to learn. Really enjoyed her class ☺️


I have been taking Miyuki-sensei's lessons for a couple months now: she excels at providing high quality lessons that incorporate culture and current events into learning the Japanese language. If you want a teacher that knows exactly how to customize your lesson to improve your skills in the most efficient way possible I would give her a try!


From the first lesson, she made me feel comfortable for me to learn Japanese by her. She is easy to learn from and talk to. She’s patient with teaching and time it take for me to learn. I know I still have a long road ahead to perfect my Japanese. But I have to say “thank you Sayaka”. You rock!


I’ve been learning Japanese with Iyo for about over a month.Iyo makes even grammar lessons very interesting to listen to.She is also incredibly nice even when i make mistakes.She is also very open to questions.No problems with her English and is very fun to communicate with her.Overall a great teacher and i hope to keep having her teach me!


I'm so glad to have Rena as a teacher. She is really amazing and always takes her time to explain every question I've got. She fully commits to me as an individual, which I really appreciate since it's an important matter to me. Thanks to her I'm able to improve my japanese skills way more than only studying with a book or some bigger class / course.


Ana is a fantastic tutor, extremely patient and very understanding, I am really enjoying learning Japanese from Ana, Ana makes the lessons fun and easy to follow with step by step guidance and instruction.

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Frequently asked questions

    Where to take Japanese classes?

    Online Japanese classes are available on several language platforms like Preply. Here you can take 1-on-1 lessons with a private tutor to help you take your skills to the next level. Learning Japanese 1-on-1 is the most effective way to reach your language goals and start speaking confidently. The benefit of having a native tutor by your side is not only that you get a first-hand experience of the language, but also that you will receive instant feedback and be able to constantly improve. Tutoring is also a great way to practice your Japanese conversation and increase your confidence in speaking the language. Check out Preply’s handpicked list of Japanese tutors, choose the one that suits you best and take a trial lesson with them to give online 1-on-1 classes a go.

    How much do Japanese classes cost?

    The cost of Japanese classes varies depending on the tutor. Tutors will usually charge anywhere between $5 and $30 per hour, and this change in price is due to different factors like certifications or experience. Some tutors charge more than others when they have more years of teaching experience, for example. But this doesn’t mean that a lower priced tutor will be less qualified. In fact, you can easily compare between different tutors in language platforms like Preply. Here, you can filter the list of tutors by language, price, country and availability so that you can find your favourite tutor within the price range that works best for you. You can also take a trial lesson first to ensure that you’re happy with the tutor you choose.

    What is the best online Japanese course?

    When it comes to learning Japanese online, there is no one-size-fits-all. There are so many language learning platforms, each helping you learn Japanese in a very different way and for different goals. This means that there is no better or worse option, as it highly depends on yur needs and what you want to achieve with the Japanese language. If your focus is mainly on learning some Japanese words, then you could do this in free language apps. But if you’re committed to learning Japanese and you want to reach confidence and fluency, then platforms like Preply can help you achieve this. Their 1-on-1 native tutors will specifically tailor their lessons to you so that you can learn the most effective way.

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