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Whether you’re at a beginner, intermediate, or advanced level, studying Italian online with your 1-on-1 tutor accelerates your learning. You don’t need to travel to a classroom or re-arrange your schedule to attend group classes. Learn the Italian language when and where it’s most convenient. Your tutor will design a lesson plan to support the learning goals you want to achieve. Find a private Italian tutor today, or follow Italian classes online
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How to learn Italian online

Your smartphone, tablet, or laptop is your gateway to a wealth of online resources for learning Italian. Everything from language games to structured Italian language classes is readily available for eager learners. Vocabulary apps and grammar guides are just the beginning — learning Italian online opens up a world of Italian-language radio, blogs, music, news, social media, and more. 

Learn to speak Italian fluently

Boost your confidence as an Italian speaker with these in-depth, easy-to-follow articles. Our professional tutors and native speakers guide you smoothly through the complicated Italian grammar and usage questions, deepening your understanding and giving you a greater comfort level with the language. As you prepare to travel to Tuscany, Rome, or Sardinia, visit the Preply blog for helpful tips on Italian grammar, vocabulary, and culture.

Italian tutors for conversation

Find a native Italian speaker for 1-on-1 conversational classes that you can take online.
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Study Italian grammar

Get a handle on Italian grammar: Learn concepts such as matching word gender, making plurals, and combining prepositions with articles. Not sure whether to lean toward essere (to be) or avere (to have) when you’re relating past events? Confused about whether to use tu, Lei, or voi to say “you”? Preply’s Italian language experts will help you answer these questions, so that proper Italian grammar becomes second nature to you.

Learn Italian for beginners

Are you just taking the first steps on your journey to learn Italian? Not sure where to begin? Learning a language involves listening, speaking, reading, and writing. You’ll find plenty of resources that cater to your learning style when you study Italian online. Podcasts, texts, videos, and exercises can cover pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary fundamentals. These online resources can introduce you to the most common words and phrases used in Italian. The more everyday vocabulary and expressions you master, the more quickly you increase your Italian fluency. To fully practice the Italian you learn from apps, videos, and online lessons, you need to go beyond set phrases and construct sentences from scratch. Frequent conversations in Italian are essential to making the language your own. So, when you study Italian online, look for opportunities to interact directly with skilled Italian speakers, who can give you feedback as you learn.

Italian tutors for beginners

Speak to one of our experienced tutors about tailored Italian lessons for beginners.
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The secret to learning Italian

The secret to learning Italian is not hidden in the Roman Catacombs or the ruins of Pompeii. To learn Italian well, so that you can easily communicate with native speakers, there’s really nothing better than 1-on-1 lessons with a skilled Italian tutor.
How can I learn Italian at home online?
When you study Italian online, you have a broad choice of tools to customize your learning. An experienced tutor can lead you to the most effective tools for learning Italian online, strengthening your skills and answering your questions along the way. Your Italian grammar and vocabulary will rapidly improve through live conversations with your tutor, which will also sharpen your Italian speaking and listening skills. Through personalized tutoring sessions, you can discover the living language and enjoy the richness of real-life Italian.
How long does it take to learn Italian?
Depending on your native language, the difficulty of learning Italian will vary. For example, the U.S. State Department estimates that it would take most English speakers about six months to reach “professional working proficiency” in Italian. This is an upper intermediate level of fluency. At this level, you can understand most of what you read and hear in Italian, and you can express yourself clearly in speaking and writing. Most people need about 600 classroom hours to reach this level of fluency. With a personal tutor, though, you can often learn more in less time. When you study Italian online with your own tutor, you never have to wait your turn in class or hold your questions until after a lecture. Your tutor will focus 100% on your needs, your goals, and your learning style. There’s no wasted time repeating material you’ve already mastered.
Is it hard to learn Italian online?
Learning Italian online is not only possible — it also offers some advantages over traditional classroom learning, such as unmatched convenience and an endless variety of learning choices. The internet is filled with all kinds of materials you can use to learn Italian. There are nearly five billion web pages that claim to help online Italian learners. However, such a flood of information can quickly become overwhelming. To cut through all the confusion, Preply has created a platform where you can find the Italian tutor who is just right for you. Whatever your goals, budget, or schedule, Preply’s professional Italian tutors make learning Italian online enjoyable, exciting, and effective.

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What our Italian students say
Apr 2, 2022
Monica is just amazing! I already have quite an advanced level of Italian so was really looking for a tutor who I could have fun with whilst brushing up on some grammar - I'm so glad I found Monica! She has a beautiful, clear Italian accent and I felt like I have known her for years! Would highly recommend 😀
Apr 2, 2022
Antonio is a great tutor! Super patient and super frindly. Lessons with him are always fun what is the most important thing for me.
Apr 2, 2022
Wonderful and patient teacher. Great mix of conversation with grammar. And she gives helpful resources if you want to study more outside of the video lessons.
Apr 2, 2022
Great tutor, adjusting lesson level and content to individual needs. Very personable, kind and friendly - enjoying the lessons a lot, thank you!
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