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Looking to learn English as a second language? Studying English online with a dedicated personal tutor is the fastest way to learn. Whether you're a complete beginner or an experienced English speaker looking for a refresher course, Preply can help you to learn English online. Take private  English lessons or online English group classes from the comfort of your own home. Work on English speaking, vocabulary, grammar, and more. Learn English the most effective way and reach your language goals faster.
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How to learn English online

Nowadays it is very easy to integrate learning a new language into your everyday life. With the help of the internet, you can easily take English courses anytime, anywhere, and practice English whenever it fits your schedule. Whether you want to learn English to pass your exam, travel the world, impress your boss, or simply impress yourself, there’s a way for you to get there. You can follow online lessons with a tutor, but there's also plenty of online resources available to study English on your own. Find out how to learn English your way:

Learn to speak English fluently

Want to learn how to speak English confidently? We will share a few tips and tricks from native speakers and professional tutors! These articles can help you get a better understanding of English pronunciations. Learn how you can start a conversation, how to speak about everyday topics, and more. They've been put together by our experts and can help you along your journey from first-timer to fluent speaker. Bookmark your favorites so you can refer back to them whenever you need for a quick refresher on some of the trickier parts of the English language.

English speaking practice: Tips to learn English with JenniferESL

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English tutors for conversation

Ready to speak English? Check out our tutors and start with a native English speaker.
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Study English grammar

Master that famously tricky English grammar with these easy-to-follow articles. Our English language experts cover tenses, articles, sentence structure, and more and will help you sort your verbs from your adjectives and your first person from your second. Whether you're looking for an introduction to English grammar basics, have a particular point of interest, or just want something to refer back to when you're practicing your English grammar, these articles have you covered.

Practice English grammar: How to ask questions in English

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Learn English for beginners

Looking to learn basic English but not sure where to start? Don't worry - we all start somewhere! It's important to find your learning style - do you prefer to revise English vocabulary or to dive straight into a conversation? Visual learners might prefer reading texts (although don't forget to check the pronunciations!) while audio learners may do better with television shows and music. These articles discuss how to learn English as a beginner, with some top tips from our experts to help speed up your studies.

Learn English for beginners: How to introduce yourself

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English tutors for beginners

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Study English for business

Corporate English can sometimes feel like a completely different language to casual conversation - but our tutors are here to help! Get confident in your business English and learn what your international colleagues mean when they talk about "circling back" or "touching base" with 1-on-1 English lessons tailored to professionals. You'll get the chance to ask questions and get instant feedback, and you'll be giving presentations and busting jargon before you know it! These business English articles will help you make a head start:

Learn English for work with these top 20 business English buzzwords

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English tutors for work

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Here are our top tips on growing your vocabulary to the size you need. You’ll also find links to as many vocabulary lists as you could ever possibly need!

The secret to learning English

Anyone who tried to learn to speak English will know the pain of trying to say, "enough, though, through, plough". Grammar can be tricky, and rules are often ignored. So having a native speaker to help guide you can be an invaluable resource when it comes to improving your English. There are also lots of tools out there to help you supplement your learning, such as shows you can watch with subtitles and apps you can use on the go, but there's no substitute for dedicated 1-on-1 learning when it comes to quick and effective study.
How can I learn English at home online?
The internet can be a great resource when it comes to learning to speak English. The best approach depends on what you want to learn. If you're focused on vocabulary, apps that introduce commonly used words can be handy. Having a tutor is a great way to get regular practice if you want to learn to hold a conversation. You can also learn natural and fluent sentence structure. You can also use online forums to meet other English learners and get quick answers to your questions. If you want an easy way to start straight away, try listening to music with English lyrics.
Can I learn English online for free?
There are lots of free resources online that can help supplement your learning, but they often work best as a complement to professional classes or tutoring. While apps and websites can be a great way to refresh your vocabulary, learning to speak English fluently requires lots of conversations! Having a personal tutor means having someone who will pick up on small mistakes so that your speech sounds more natural and also gives you the chance to ask questions and get instant feedback.
What is the best website to learn English online?
If you're looking for an English tutor online, you need to make sure you're looking at websites you can trust. Be wary of personal blogs, unverified sites or AI-generated content as it can be easy to pick up misinformation. Preply lets you look through multiple different tutor profiles so you can find a professional offering the skills, qualifications and areas of expertise you need. You can also compare different hourly rates for online English lessons so you can match your learning to your budget.

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What our English students say
Apr 3, 2022
I would like to express how much I enjoy her class, it has been a great experience. Her class is very engaging, useful. she's enthusiasm and very patient in class also she encourage her students to try and interact. I would highly recommend her to anyone interested in learning conversational English. Thank you for being such an amazing tutor. I have a terrific experience in your class.
Apr 3, 2022
My wife and I have been working with Ali Mustafa for over 5 months now taking a class per week. We started from a beginner level and we are now pre-intermediate. His classes are well structured focusing on grammar and speaking in a balanced way. He is very professional, punctual and friendly. We are very happy with our progress and recommed him to other students.
Apr 2, 2022
she has a good teaching method for kids how is going to work well. she makes my daughter feel comfortable and fun during lesson time.
Apr 2, 2022
Just excellent !!!! Good tutor. I'm very satisfied about the fast progression that my daughter is making. Thinks yassine.
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