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The Best Video Game Consoles in 2017


Today we have more gaming consoles than ever before. The thing is not every console is for everyone, some have better games for a specific audience, and some are just better for a particular age group. Nevertheless, these consoles all have a fantastic use in one situation or another, and of course, many of them have different prices attached to them. So let us get to the bottom of which gaming consoles are the best and for what reason in 2017

1. Best network gaming

If you are looking for a console that excels in network gaming than your best bet is to get a PlayStation 4. Sure you can also play great multiplayer games on the Xbox, but the PlayStation Network has more freebies for the monthly subscription you need to pay to be able to play.


Additionally, the PlayStation Network promises to add cross-platform support so you could in the future be able to play multiplayer games on two different PlayStation systems.

2. Best multimedia console

The Xbox is and will be the best multifunctional gaming console for quite some time. The console has amazingly good support if you want to turn it into a home theater platform.

And additionally can stream content from your cable network as it also lets you run the cable channels on the console menu.

3. Best local multiplayer gaming console

Wii U has been sitting here comfortably for quite some time. The other consoles have focused more on the single player experience or the single-multiplayer online experience, but the Nintendo brand kept forcing its local capabilities. This is the reason why Wii U is the favorite console in many groups, but maybe not for long.


The new gaming system from Nintendo that is coming out also focuses on the local multiplayer experience and it’s named the Nintendo Switch. It will be interesting to see how better will the Nintendo switch be if at all as we have tons of games on the Wii U but for the switch there are still games in development.


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