Best New Web Design Trends You Should Consider For Your Site


Web design has had a surge in popularity in the past couple of years. The thing about good web designs is that everyone is trying to make it more unique while at the same time they are hoping to create a new style that will get picked up. But the truth is a bit off from the wishful thinking.


Many styles that are popular today have been in use before, they have just now come up again and have been presented in a different light. Nevertheless, these styles dominate the market at the moment, and they will only grow in popularity so you might as well see which of those styles you can use for your site.

1. Two-tone colors

The best come from the simple past. The two tone color was introduced way back when there were no collars in pictures or on the tv, and it’s making a big comeback now. Many sites have awesome designs with lots of black and white contrast with the addition of shading to specific elements.

Web designer at work

The best part of this style is that it does not distract from the main point of the site. It’s a clear-cut style that will be respected for years to come.

2. Photorealism

This style is new in the way it has been used to make certain things come to life in a still image. But in no way has it been created in the past years. The style originates from the past when they have disabled to make things appear 3d while showing a simple picture. This style is awesome at complementing the rest of the site content as it livens up the page.

3. Transparency

This style is one that if used in moderation will make anything look good. The transparency method is mostly used on sites that have large text-based content to make that text come out a bit more.

4. Retro design

Retro design is an impressive looking niche style that has seen recently made a comeback in popularity.

Originating from the 1930s all the way up to the 1970s this style makes regular things look more impressive.


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