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Best Music Players On The Web

Best Music Players

There are tons of ways you can play your music on your computer or your tablet, but the question is which of those is has the best experience for you. Many users have different preferences that is why we will list a couple of our favorite choices so you can check them all out and if you don’t like one, maybe you will enjoy other suggestions.

1. Clementine

The program known as Clementine has one of the most diverse functions of available music players. The advanced library sorting function allows you to sort your music collection by more than one specification and that for advanced users is an excellent thing to have.

Furthermore, it can also play the music you have added to different accounts on the web. For instance, if you have a playlist of songs added to your cloud storage, as long as you are signed in you can play them over Clementine. Streaming music can also be played over Clementine making it a very useful program for any music lover.

2. Foobar2000

The Foobar is not a new program but it is easily one of the best that you can download and get used to using. The program has an extremely easy configuration, and it is highly customizable. The range of files this player supports is almost limitless; these include OGG, Matroska, MP4 and much more.

It’s an awesome and easy program to use so make sure to check it out.

3. VLC player

VLCThe VLC player is known for its simplicity and functionality. The player does not look as awesome as some others, but it plays virtually every format of video and audio known on the computer. The best part of it is that it’s an open source program.

4. Media Monkey

Media Monkey has lots of functions as an audio player, and it does one thing similar to the ITunes app, which is that it scans the library for new additions and adds them to their correct folders after it is done searching. This program might be scary for new users, but once you learn to use the ropes, this program becomes an awesome addition to your PC.


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